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SOCKSHION - Ball of Foot Cushion - Black

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The metatarsal pads from Sheec's SockShion can alleviate stress, pressure, and pain caused by high heel shoes. These foam shoe pads designed for heels are not only comfortable but also have antibacterial properties, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking pain relief during extended periods of standing or walking.

By using the SockShion, you can wear heels painlessly while also protecting your beloved shoes, thanks to its wearable cushion design. These metatarsal pads are carefully crafted by hand to provide optimal fitting on the ball of your foot, ensuring limitless comfort. Although they are thin enough to be worn comfortably with your shoes, they are also thick enough to protect your feet.


Ergonomic Durable foam

Non-skid bottom

Antibacterial Washable

Soft Fabric